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The concept of “essay” translated from French as essay outline, sample. An essay is a small by the size the work written in the form of prose. The essay is always expressed thoughts, experiences and emotions in prose. The idea described in the essay does not claim a clear interpretation of something. However there is a row regulations which execution is obligatory when writing the essay. Namely:

  •  the work should open a specific topic;
  • work must to describe big a variety of problems, actual for the author;
  • analytical tone is always welcomed;
  •  the essay may meet criticism of something.

In the course of work on creation of the good essay, the student shouldn‘t forget about two nuances:

  •  author-student of this scientific work must to present the work in shape, similar to the summary;
  • describes the reasoning must be backed up by specific arguments.

Essay: specific requirements for the work, the structure of the essay

The conventional structure of an essay is as follows: – the introductory part; is a thesis part, which contains the theses and arguments; – the final part. The introduction, as well as final part have to contain useful information about a burning issue and about real ways of her decision. The logical connection between the theses is required. Emotional reflection of events is an important aspect, which is preferably used in a writing essay. The handwriting of each, and how the style of writing an essay, individual – therefore this aspect no formal requirements.

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