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The situation, when you’re required to compose an essay, may happen to any person and it is vitally important to be fully prepared to show your best skills. It may be an exam or a task for job interview where within a limited time period you have “to shape” a good essay on a set theme.

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An essay represents a fragment of writing usually restricted by 300-500 words. The author shall structurally and clear provide the readers with his opinion in the frames of a given topic, share his feelings and proposals, perform final outcome.

It’s essential “to build” a good essay structure that makes it smooth for the audience to follow the author’s route of thinking. All the theses should be supported by certain facts and explanations. The manner of writing is better to be light but interesting with the usage of epithets, quotations and play of words. Not necessary to sound very official but avoid excessive informalities. High professionalism in writing essays means readers involvement and deep immersion into the topic.

Below you’ll find some tips helping to create a remarkable essay.


Generally, the topic of essay appeals to a certain problem that is analyzed from all sides by the author. The essay’s structure is quite simple:

  • Introductory part;
  • Providing reasons/arguments;
  • Making a final conclusion.

First part highlights the basic problem and explains why it is so hot. Readers must understand why the author has chosen this particular subject. Writing this part it’s crucial to be precise and clear, not to overload the readers with some “cloudy” thoughts and senseless sentences.

Essays written by professionalsThe basic part of the essay – reasoning – plays the great role for the readers. Here writer proves his point of view, tries to persuade the readers to accept/share his vision, offers them to think about the problem. The body of the essay shall not be too long and general – structured style is “the golden kеy” for success here. For the better understanding, it is permitted to divide this part into smaller paragraphs with subtitles (if necessary).

Outstanding quality of essays - Buycustomessay.topThe last essay’s part represents a summary of the author’s statements and ends with a final conclusion. This is a nutshell of all above-given information. The author’s main intention is to make this section, and especially the final sentence, remarkable, eye-catching and memorable for the readers.


Before composing an essay, get properly prepared – study relevant information, put close a dictionary, make a plan, concentrate and follow style and grammar rules.

Affordable and reasonable prices - Buycustomessay.topThere is also a valuable advise – after writing an essay, put it aside for some time, and after that re-read and correct (if required). Of course, it’s possible to use this method only if time allows.
Composing an essay, the author shows his ability to express thoughts, share feelings and ideas in a way that will be pleasant and easy for readers. Rich vocabulary and right structure will be good helpers towards the goal!