Presentation / Speech Making


Undoubtedly, nowadays eloquence plays a really huge role in career building, entrepreneurship, and every other activity, which can require to intrigue an audience. There is a widespread belief, that presentation preparing does not involve a lot of resources, and is not that complex at all. But actually, it demands more knowledge than you probably must have thought. To really catch an eyesight of audience, you may need deep knowledge of linguistics, psychology, and of course, you should have a bit of charisma. That’s may probably be an art to tell people their desirable things, and make a real impression, which they never forget. A good presentation or speech surely should have criteria to satisfy. Here they are:

  •  Your presentation should have a purpose. If you speech is actually purposeless – then why anyone else should pay attention to what you talking about?
  •  Speech must be clicheless. Nobody would like those repeating and boring patterns they probably heard a hundred times.
  •  There should not be any pronunciation or any other else mistakes.
  •  You should follow communication ethics
  •  Modern language standarts are also a necessarily thing to follow
  •  Phrasing must be understandable and interesting to listen to .


The purpose of every single speech – is to catch the attention of listeners. And this is most difficult thing out there. Because your success is based on people you talking to, things you talking about, and goal you pursue. You should definitely imagine the way your presentation will go on, if, of course, you want to leave conference hall (or other place you having your big day at) as a winner. Just try to know more about people in front you would speak of. They would truly set your presentation style, so you must proceed from the age, sexual, and professional composition of your audience. You definitely should avoid repeating cliches, because there is not a single person, who would not find it boring.

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Try to bring some fresh flavors and paints to your speech, try to invent something differently new, which nobody has not tried out yet. Your speech should be checked verbally from start to beginning a couple times before your appearing. It will be disappointing for you to suddenly spell something wrong, or read the wrong passage in front of the people you want to impress. It also has to be really clear to anybody, even to those who would probably suddenly appear in the auditorium. Every sentence should be short, clear, and laconic.

You must sit and try to shorten long and complex sentences, at least break them into more good looking and easy to listen to parts. Avoiding complexity – is a path to a wider understanding, more memorable parts for your listeners, and therefore to success. To achieve a full attention catching – just follow the criteria given above. And if it’s your first such experience, you can hire some side specialist, who you can discuss your presentation to, and who can guide you on the path to personal success.